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Since 1996, we have been introducing Men of all nations with Beautiful Colombian women in Bogota, Colombia.


Ladies From Colombia represents only women from Bogota, Colombia. Meet Lady Id 1219 !

Ladies From Colombia

Bogota, Colombia - Ladies From Colombia is a highly personalized introduction service. Marriage minded men seeking a latin wife can meet their future Colombian bride through us. We are happy to share our knowledge about Colombia, Colombia's culture and Colombian women with you.

What is Bogota Colombia really like? Bogotá Colombia,the Capital of Colombia, is a large modern city with an elected Mayor. (Colombia has a democratic and elected government) The official population is about 8 million. With its modern skyscrapers, parks, museums and universities, many compare Bogotá to New York City. Bogotá has everything you would have in a large city in your own country. You will find Bogotá more business like and up-scale compared to most other Latin American cities and is considered cleaner. Bogotá has modern shopping malls and great areas for nightlife and entertainment. The water is safe to drink, the electrical current and outlets the same as the U.S. 

Is Bogotá Colombia safe? Ladies From Colombia, Bogotá Bed and Breakfast, and Bogotá Apartments are owned and operated by a U.S. Citizen and his Bogotana wife living and working in Bogotá Colombia. Colombia is stated in a popular travel guide as one of the most under rated tourist destinations in the world! While Colombia has its problems as all countries do, most places in Bogotá are safer than the downtown areas of our own country. Bogotá is one of the safest cities in Colombia. 

Our Office, Bogotá Bed & Breakfast and Bogotá Apartments are located in an
excellent neighborhood. Anytime you travel, you must use common sense. This
applies in Colombia or your own country. Overall, you will find Bogotá Colombia
a very clean and modern city. As a full member, you will receive a Free Guide
Book plus helpful hints package designed for your specific needs. This includes
interesting information about things to see and do during your visit. The people are very warm and friendly. Colombia has shopping centers and all the modern amenities you have in the U.S. Colombia is renowned for its has fine leather goods, gold, the worlds finest coffee, 80% of the worlds emeralds and fresh cut flowers come from Colombia.

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Is there really such a thing as a mail order bride? NO!! There is absolutely no way you can choose a lady from the Internet or from a catalog send for her and marry. Immigration laws require that you must meet her in person before marriage. This usually means you must visit her in her home country. While some ladies (about 4%) do have tourist visas, it is illegal and considered marriage fraud to have her travel to your county for marriage using a tourist visa.

Can I make a quick trip to Bogotá, pick a lady from your photo albums and bring her back with me in a few days? NO!! Immigration laws do not allow this! Also the ladies will not marry someone they do not know and they have not spent some time with getting to know you and making sure there is compatibility and chemistry. These ladies are not desperate; they are looking for a long-term marriage.

How does your personalized service work? When you become a member you receive a password to enter our " Members Area " of our site. You will have immediate access to the full profiles of every Lady AND you may write to each Lady directly from our web site.

Your e-mails will receive translation (by a person, not a machine.) All of our ladies have e-mail. You may call or e-mail our office to check for the newest Colombian ladies that are on file. Our website is usually updated weekly. Because we have met and interviewed all of our Colombian ladies in person, we can give you a little more information
about them. After you receive all this information you may begin writing the Colombian ladies of your choice or you may begin making travel arrangements for
your trip to Colombia.

While some members do write first, most members travel to Bogotá Colombia within a couple months of joining. When you arrive in Bogotá Colombia you will be shown all the ladies photo albums with profiles. You simply ask our staff to begin making appointments with any of the Colombian ladies of your choice.

Before you arrive in Bogotá you can give us a list of ladies you would like to meet upon your arrival. We will pre-arrange appointments for you for the day of
your arrival if you arrive early in the day. Otherwise, you can begin immediately the next morning. We will help you utilize all the time you have available or as much time as you wish for meeting ladies. 

Where can I stay while in Bogotá? Our Bogotá Bed and Breakfast with rooms from $79.99 - $89.99 a night is available,
and our Bogotá Apartments start at $95.00 per night. All of our fully furnished Lodging includes free Breakfast, Maid service, free calls to the US and Canada, and Free Internet Service. Our office is actually located within walking distance for the convenience of our members. The Bed & Breakfast and our Bogotá Apartments are available to all tourists. If you wish to stay in a Hotel, we can help you with reservation arrangements. Once you are a full member you will receive complete detailed information about Bogota restaurants, taxi service, entertainment and much more useful information about where to go and what to do during your visit. You will be guided from the beginning to the end. 

What different memberships do you offer? We offer three membership programs: Correspondence Memberships, Three Day Membership, and our Premium one-year Membership. The Premium Membership allows you to meet all the ladies in person in Bogotá. During your one-year membership, you may travel to our Bogotá Colombia office as many times as you wish!! You will have unlimited access to our Members area of our website, and can write to as many Ladies as you wish. At your request, on your visit to Bogotá, you will be greeted and picked up at the airport by a member of our staff and driven to our office. You will also receive many inside step-by-step details and information as the process continues.

How do I bring my Colombian wife to my country? (Refers to most countries) After you finally decide on a special Colombian lady to be your wife, there are different methods of bringing or inviting your Colombian lady to your country.
We provide FREE assistance to our Premium members with immigration information. We charge a very reasonable fee for full fiancé visa processing services at Colombia Fiance Visa or we can suggest an attorney. Some of our Colombian ladies already have a U.S. tourist Visa and may visit you(if you are from the U.S.)after meeting you in person here in Bogotá. Most do not have a tourist visa. Generally, it is also illegal for her to travel to another country for the purpose of marriage while using a tourist visa.

What most pen pal clubs fail to tell you. :Before you are allowed to bring a foreign lady to the U.S.A. for marriage, you must have physically met her. There is no such thing as a mail order bride that you choose from a catalog and have her sent to you ! This usually means traveling to her country unless she has a U.S. tourist Visa, and most do not.(Most Colombian ladies resent being referred to as a mail order bride, foreign bride or foreign wife) We offer all the services you need to meet a beautiful, romantic, educated, faithful, honest Colombian wife through correspondence or in Bogotá Colombia!

Is age difference a major factor? Usually it is not. In most cases it is a definite plus!! Many Colombian ladies prefer an older man 10-15 years older than themselves;(ask about our advice, opinion,and reasons to stay within that age range) they consider age to be a sign of maturity and stability. They are more interested in you as a person than they are your age and appearance! They seek the more important qualities such as honesty, stability, and sincerity. Give them that and you will be richly rewarded!! They will actually desire and appreciate a much older man. While we do have clients with a 30-year age difference remember one thing, the greater the age difference, the search may be longer to find a compatible partner as each ten years is another generation.

Must I travel to Colombia? While most of our clients must travel to Colombia, there are some Colombian women in our agency that have U.S. tourist visas and can visit you. The tourist visa is very difficult to receive. Also, most men do not want to bring women to the U.S. for a visit that they have not actually seen and met. An added advantage to visiting Colombia is that you can learn more about her, her family, culture, and environment. We highly recommend visiting her here in Colombia.

How long does it usually take to meet the Colombian ladies?You can begin meeting Colombian ladies the moment you arrive ! Simply ask our office to start making appointments as soon as you arrive. There is no way to judge the exact number of days for you to meet that certain special lady, but it has been our experience that it will take 3-10 days to meet someone that will either become your wife or cause for further serious communication, however because of the many choices in Ladies, some men travel more than once to complete their search.

The Colombian Ladies are very beautiful ! I am an average guy, why would they want to meet me? The Colombian women look at a man's heart and personality. Your looks, muscles and  wallet are secondary ! Most
Colombian women will wish to meet you, not your checkbook and credit cards.
They are simply looking to be treated with respect, they wish to be your equal,
not compete with you. Your characteristics, values and intelligence are more important to them than your looks or how much money you have. Colombian women are not materialistic!! Their only desire is to be with a good man for the rest of their life.

Are these women just trying to come to the U.S.A.? You will find Colombian ladies are very close to there families and friends. They love their country and
culture and are not overly anxious to give up everything and move away. But, they
will for a loyal man who will love and respect them. Our Colombian ladies are
usually very well educated with professional skills that are very desirable in Colombia as well as the U.S.

How is it possible to meet, know, and marry a Colombian woman in such a short time? Most of our Colombian ladies are very friendly and desire to know you as soon as possible. They are very natural about everything and enjoy direct eye contact. When you finally meet these Colombian women who have beautiful, expressive eyes, you will begin to understand very quickly. The Colombian women are happy with their lives and with themselves. They are beautiful, romantic, faithful, uncomplicated ladies not accustomed to playing head games. They are so open, honest and easy to get to know! You will find them very flexible and usually
enjoy what ever the man chooses to do. They are always willing to put their man
and their relationship first. Most of our clients tell us the Colombian women
are like nothing they have ever experienced!!

Do I need a passport and visa to travel to Colombia? You will only need a
passport from most counties. No visa is required for travel to Colombia from
most countries and only a U.S. passport required if you are from the U.S. To
obtain a passport, contact your local Post Office or Courthouse. They will give
you an application and all the information needed. Order it may take
up to 4 weeks to receive your passport!

How much does it cost to fly to Bogota,Colombia ? Compared to Russia or Asia, Colombia is a Bargain. At times $299.00 dollars from Miami and under $595.00 from L.A. Plus, the trip is much shorter. Bogotá is only a three-hour flight from Miami, four and ½ hours from Atlanta, and five hours from New York or Houston. We can even offer assistance with your travel arrangements !

We are here for you ! 
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